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Pay For What You Use

Labor costs are a significant portion of total algorithm development costs.  According Payscale, a full time algorithm developer with 5 yrs of experience can cost up to $200K /year once benefits are included.  Yet algorithm developers spend 60% of their time writing code and documentation.  With Aion, developers can design and document algorithms at the same time.  This significantly reduces labor cost while increasing develop efficiency.

The ongoing operational costs can be another significant factor that impacts the bottom line.  To launch in house solutions, customers not only need to invest the resources to research, design and integrate but also need to absorb the ongoing maintenance and ensure combability with servers and networks.   Our annual subscription fee is significantly less than the up-front cash fees associated with traditional software purchasing.  More over, our solution are much easier to set up and cheaper to maintain.  See a estimated cost comparison of SaaS vs traditional software below.