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Inesonic Privacy Policy
Version 1.0 – February 4, 2021

Inesonic, LLC is committed to protecting our customer’s privacy.   There are multiple ways you may interact with Inesonic, LLC and the information you provide helps us to serve you better.

This Privacy Policy applies to Inesonic, LLC and covers our processing activities as a data controller.  This website and related software is owned and operated by Inesonic, LLC, an Idaho Limited Liability Company.


“Personal Data” means any data linked to a living, identifiable person.  Personal Data can include names, telephone numbers, email addresses, and may include additional information that when used individually or in combination can be linked to an identifiable person.

“Processing” covers all activities relating to the use of personal data given by an organization from its collection, through its storage, and disposal, including all activity in between.

“Data Subject” means the person whose personal data is being processed.

“Inesonic EULA” means the Inesonic End User License Agreement that covers Inesonic Software.

“Inesonic Services” means services provided by Inesonic, LLC through their website and related infrastructure.

“Inesonic Software” means software written and provided by Inesonic, LLC that is installed and run on your hardware.

“Inesonic TOS” means the Inesonic Terms of Service that covers the use of Inesonic Services.

Guiding Principles

Inesonic, LLC follows six guiding principles when handling Personal Data:

  • Lawfulness, fairness, and transparency – We will use data only in ways that are lawful and fair to our customers and we will be transparent about our data usage.
  • Purpose limitation – We only use data for the purposes described in this document.
  • Data minimization – We don’t collect or store data unless needed.
  • Accuracy – We endeavor to make certain the data we store is accurate and adequate for our business needs.
  • Storage limitation – We don’t store Personal Data longer than is necessary.
  • Integrity and confidentiality – We always process personal data securely.

How Inesonic, LLC collects Personal Data

We collect Personal Data through two mechanisms:

  • You provide Inesonic, LLC with Personal Data when you sign up for Inesonic Software, Inesonic Services, and when you update your account and billing information.
  • We automatically collect minimal Personal Data when you install our software.  Data is collected solely for the purpose of managing your installation and compliance with our licensing terms.

In addition, with your approval, Inesonic Software will collect anonymized usage statistics regarding how Inesonic Software and Inesonic Services are used.

Personal Data You Provide Us

We collect the following information that you provide to us:

  • Your selected login information.
  • Your company name.
  • Basic contact information.
  • Basic information about your occupation and your company’s business.
  • Your email preferences.
  • Your billing and payment information.

We collect this information with your consent, to comply with the terms of the Inesonic EULA and Inesonic TOS.   We use the information collected above to manage your account on our website and to help us better understand our customer’s needs.   We will also use your contact information to respond to support requests and inquiries, to notify you regarding issues with your account, and to notify you of new services and product features.   We use your billing and payment information to charge you periodically for the services we provide to you.   We use your email preferences to determine what types of optional emails we should and should not send you.

Personal Data We Collect Automatically

We automatically collect the following information:

  • IP address and user agent used when accessing Inesonic Services through your web browser.
  • The MAC addresses of each machine where Inesonic Software is installed.

We use the MAC addresses reported by Inesonic Software to track the number of unique installations performed by each customer in order to verify compliance with the terms of the Inesonic EULA.   We use the user agent and IP address information to protect our infrastructure and help improve the services we offer.

Anonymized Information We May Collect

If you elect to allow Inesonic Software to send us anonymized usage statistics, we also collect the following information:

  • Details about the systems our customers use to operate Inesonic software.
  • Statistics regarding what features of our software are used by our customers.
  • Statistics related to the operators and functions used by our customers.
  • Statistics regarding the help and support features used by our customers.

Inesonic Software is designed such that the information listed above is anonymized before being sent to us.

Legal Basis For The Personal Data We Collect

The table below lists the legal basis for the data we collect.

Purpose For Activity Type Of Data Lawful Basis For Processing
To register you as a new customer.

Login information,

basic contact information,

billing and payment information

To improve our offering and to better support you. Your occupation and Information about your company’s business Your consent
To tailor what we send you to your needs. Your email preferences Your consent
To improve the quality of the services we offer. IP address and browser information Legitimate interest
To estimate the number of systems associated with your license. The MAC address of each system Contract

Your Consent – You may withdraw your consent at any time without detriment to your subscription in cases where the legal basis for us processing your data requires your consent.Contract – Be aware that, should you fail to provide Personal Data that is required by us, we will not be able to provide the products and services under our contract with you or may not be able to comply with a legal obligation on us.

Legitimate Interest – This data is collected automatically by infrastructure we use and is required to help us detect and thwart cyberattacks as well as to help us better serve our customers.

Data Retention Policy

We retain your Personal Data so long as you maintain your subscription for Inesonic Software and Inesonic Services, and for up-to 180 days after you terminate your subscription with Inesonic, LLC.   We maintain your subscription for a period after you cancel so that you can reactivate your account using your old username, password, and installation keys.

Who We Share Your Data With

Inesonic, LLC will share Personal Data with third parties only as required to perform our business operations.   We will share Personal Data with:

  • Select payment processors used by us to securely store and handle payment information such as credit card numbers, customer email addresses, and billing information.
  • Select providers of email management and distribution tools that we use to send out details regarding product updates and new product offerings.
  • Select providers of security and fraud prevention services that we use to help us identify agents that might disrupt our services.
  • Select providers of data aggregation and analytics software services that help us effectively monitor and optimize the delivery of our

Inesonic, LLC currently processes and stores data on infrastructure located in the United States.


Your Rights

Note that under certain circumstances, by law, you have the right to:

  • Request to be informed whether your Personal Data is being used by Inesonic, LLC.
  • Request a copy of your Personal Data.  Your request may be subject to applicable exceptions and the removal of other people’s Personal
    Data as appropriate.
  • Request erasure of your data.  Upon your request, we will delete or remove any Personal Data that is not required to meet our contractual
    obligation with you.  Upon your request, Inesonic, LLC, will cancel your subscription and remove all Personal Data associated with you.  Inesonic, LLC will retain a record of your request.
  • Request correction of your data.  Note that you can correct almost all data we maintain about you through our website.

Note that you can make data privacy requests by logging into your account at, clicking on “Support”, and selecting “I have a GPRD privacy request”.


Changes To This Policy

Note that Inesonic, LLC may change this policy at any time. Inesonic, LLC will place the latest effective date at the top of the privacy policy.

We will update this privacy policy, when necessary, based on customer feedback, to align our privacy policy with changes to Inesonic Software and Inesonic Services.  When we modify this policy, we will update the effective date at the top of the policy and will include a list of changes at the bottom of privacy policy.

If there are material changes to this privacy policy or changes regarding how we will use your Personal Data, we will notify you by either prominently posting a notice of such changes before they take effect or by emailing you a notification.  We encourage you to periodically review this privacy policy to learn how Inesonic, LLC is using your Personal Data.