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Aion is now available under a dual license model.  Source code is released under the following licenses:

  • GNU Public License, Version 3 and The Aion End User License Agreement.
  • GNU Public License, Version 3 and the Inesonic Commercial License
  • MIT License

Aion relies on two closed source libraries.  We are dual licensing Aion so that we can continue to improve and release Aion while also taking advantage of the closed source components.

You can click on the button below to see the licensing terms for our binary releases of Aion.  The license covers the Aion application we release, binary releases of our libraries, and all source code provided with the binary releases.

We hope you enjoy using Aion !

Paul Smith & Nankun Li


The most recent release of each version of Aion is listed below.

Operating SystemVersionDownload URLSHA-256 Checksum
Windows EXE (64-bit)1.7.0
Windows ZIP (64-bit)1.7.0

You will find all available downloads at

Click on the button below to see where we host all our source code for Aion, as well as SpeedSentry and much of our website.