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The table below lists all the Inesonic open source repositories required to build Aion.  Note that this excludes the closed source wrapper library, providing the API defined by inemat, that contains closed source components.

PackageRepository URLDescription
aion executable
inecrypto Qt based library providing small collection of cryptographic functions.
inecontainer Aion container file library.
ineqcontainer wrapper for the inecontainer library.
ineutil collection of utility functions. Leverages the Qt libraries where appropriate.
inewh Qt based library that supports an outbound REST API.
ineud Qt based library that can be used to report anonymized application usage data.
ineeqt specific Qt based widgets and plug-in support.
inem math library.
inemat computation API.
inecbe LLVM/CLANG wrapper library.
ineld language definition library.
ineapp application library
build_payload utility that converts a file to a C++ array. Can optionally zlib compress the file prior to conversion.
build_declaration_payload scripts used to import library headers into C++ source as data. Provided to support third party plugins.


SpeedSentry is a site monitoring system that we developed, initially for internal use and then briefly offered as a SaaS offering.  The projects in this repository represent most of the packages needed to deploy SpeedSentry yourself.  Only missing item is the customer facing website.  Note that for internal use, the “zoran” command line can be used in place of a web interface.

PackageRepository URLDescription
speedsentry_php_api REST API for SpeedSentry
speedsentry_python_api REST API for SpeedSentry
speedsentry-wordpres-plugin SpeedSentry WordPress plugin.
speedsentry-resources-plugin in-work plugin that tracked customer site resource usage, displaying the results.
inecrypto Qt based library providing small collection of cryptographic functions.
inehtml_scrubber scrubber library used to generate hashes of HTML with regularly changing content, such as nonces, removed.
inerest_api_in_v1 library that provides support for an inbound REST API.
inerest_api_out_v1 library that provides support for an outbound REST API.
speedsentry-pinger SpeedSentry pinger daemon
speedsentry-polling-server SpeedSentry polling server
speedsentry-dbc SpeedSentry database controller
speedsentry-command SpeedSentry command-line tool.


We’ve developed a number of WordPress plugins or use on both the Inesonic and the now defunct SpeedSentry websites.  Most plugins are released under GPLv3.

PackageRepository URLDescription
inesonic-email-domain-validator plugin: Validates academic email addressed entered into NinjaForms forms.
inesonic-force-login-url plugin: Forces uses to /customer-sign-in rather than /wp-login when logging in.
inesonic-history plugin: Enables simplified tracking of customer history by other plugins.
inesonic-logger plugin: Debug logging plugin for WordPress.
inesonic-mailer plugin: Trigger emails to users a specified time after customer role changes.
inesonic-ninja-forms-file-upload-relaxer plugin: Make NinjaForms more forgiving about the types of files users can upload.
inesonic-ninja-forms-password-validator plugin: Force NinjaForms to impose minimum requirements on user passwords.
inesonic-purge-inactive-users plugin: Delete users who have maintained a specified role more than a specific period of time.
inesonic-redirect-on-logout plugin: Redirect users to the home page after logging out.
inesonic-shortcodes plugin: Provides several useful shortcodes.
inesonic-wp-login-blocker plugin: Prevents users from forcibly logging in or registering via /wp-login. Complements inesonic-force-login-url.
inesonic-payment-system plugin: Facilitates using Stripe checkout as a payment system for subscriptions.
inesonic-password-reset-handler plugin: Integrates with NinjaForms to provide a nice flow for password reset and recovery.
inesonic-redmine plugin: Connects NinjaForms to Redmine for customer bug/issue reporting.
inesonic-version-tracker plugin: Tracks and displays software download information and software EULAs.
inesonic-repository-tracker plugin: Tracks lists of source code repositories, by project and package.
certbot-helpers small suite of scripts designed to further automate certbot.