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Wide Range Of Operators,  Functions, And Data Types

Data Types

  • Boolean values
  • Integer values
  • Real values
  • Complex values
  • Sets
  • Tuples
  • Matrices
    • Boolean
    • Integer
    • Real
    • Complex

Text string are also supported.

You can use the ∈ operator to enforce data types.


  • Broad range of basic math operators
  • Automatic and explicit handling of parenthesis
  • Common special values (π, e, E. i)
  • Full suite of matrix operators, including:
    • Slice and concatenation operators
    • Transpose, complex conjugate, and Hermitian operators
    • Hadamard and Kroneker products
  • Boolean and relational operators, including:
    • Conditional, biconditional, and exclusive OR operators
    • Both ¬ and overbar logical not operators
  • Set operators, including:
    • Set relational operators
    • Union, disjoint union, intersection, difference, symmetric difference, and cartesian product operators
    • Several n-ary set operators
    • Ranges
  • Support for iteration across all multi-valued data types and ranges.
  • Case operator
  • Specialized operators for algorithm development:
    • Operation grouping operator
    • While looping operator.
    • If, else-if, and else operators
    • Therefore operator used to indicate the result of a complex sequence of steps.

Large operators coming soon !


  • Basic math functions (sin, cos, log, etc.)
    • Includes, gamma, lower/upper gamma, normalized gamma, erf, erfc, beta
    • Also includes log variants of several common functions
  • Matrix functions, including:
    • Identity and zero matrices for each matrix type.
    • Numerous decomposition functions
    • Solver
    • Least squared error solver for under/over-determined systems
    • Eigenvector/eigenvalue
    • Approximate condition numbers, p-norm, ∞-norm, and equilibration functions
    • Matrix manipulation functions
    • Matrix rank and test functions
    • DFT and inverse DFT functions (1 and 2 dimensions)
  • Distribution functions, including:
    • Functions to calculate PDFs, CDFs, PMFs, quantiles, and random variates
    • Supports normal, uniform, Cauchy, chi-squared, exponential, gamma, geometric, log normal, Poisson, Rayleigh, and Weibull, distributions
    • Includes 4 pseudo-random number generation algorithms
    • Includes a cryptographically secure random-number generator
    • Includes matrix optimized versions of the random variate functions
  • Statistical functions, including:
    • Basic functions: sum, counting, average, mode, median, minimum, maximum
    • Standard deviation, variance, excess kurtosis, and skew
    • Statistical functions work on all multi-valued data types and can traverse nested structures.
  • High level file and I/O functions:
    • Load/save matrix values in CSV and binary formats
    • Load/save common audio formats
    • Load/save common image formats
    • Play audio
  • Low level file functions:
    • File open, close, and seek functions
    • Flexible read/write byte, integer, real, string, and complex values.
  • And more.

You can also write your own specialized functions.

With more to come !