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Aion Application

Issue IDCreatedTypeStatusDescription
57525 Jul 2022 17:13:28BugAssignedIntermittent hang condition when the cursor is at the last location in the document.
57625 Jul 2022 17:28:35BugAssignedThe license validation system tray tool segmentation faults on CentOS 8.4. For CentOS, follow the directions to perform a system global installation or run the bgupdater tool from a user cron job once daily.
57725 Jul 2022 17:29:30BugAssignedApplication segmentation faults on close with no loss of data.
57825 Jul 2022 17:30:29BugAssignedPlot dialogs show 'N' for initial widths on histograms.
57925 Jul 2022 17:31:03BugAssignedHistogram plot includes out of bound values into the end buckets.
58025 Jul 2022 17:32:35Feature RequestAssignedMatrix combine operator line widths/heights should be made more visually appealing.
58125 Jul 2022 17:33:37Feature RequestAssignedAppearance of transpose and Hermitian operators can be improved.
58225 Jul 2022 17:34:16BugAssignedParenthesis on tuples do not resize with content.
58325 Jul 2022 17:35:10BugAssignedAion will intermittently display multiple selections -- only one is valid.


Issue IDCreatedTypeStatusDescription
58625 Jul 2022 17:38:56BugAssignedLinux installer intermittently hands during installation. The installer is smart enough to determine what work needs to be done with an incomplete installation so restarting the installer addresses the issue.


No Reported Issues


Issue IDCreatedTypeStatusDescription
58725 Jul 2022 17:40:11BugAssignedThe My Account page for new and inactive customers is missing the "Documentation" link.
58825 Jul 2022 17:40:58BugAssignedCustomers with new or inactive accounts are presented with a logout confirmation page when they logout.
58925 Jul 2022 17:42:11BugAssignedClicking on the "Assign Seat To Self" checkbox on the Teams "My Account" page doesn't always reliably show the setting as changed. Repeating the operation will correct the issue.